Vinyl Basketball Floor Scree Pattern 1405

The new product is coming!! Follow us to see it first. See? From the pictures saw something? Correct! 1. Fine foaming layer, high density to keeps it is good at stretching resistance. It is soft enough to keeps it in good resilience and recover immediately after bending. 2. It is eco-friendly, no odor no formaldehyde, good for our health and environmental. 3. Dealed with TPU technology, excellent in wear resistance and stain resistance. 4. Used the coated plastic fabric kept the flooring more stable, improved the calendering performance. 5. Saw the popular back pattern? We can do! So do you know why choose us now? Let's see 1. Capacity Dongxing plastic established in 1996, own 6 internationally leading PVC production lines, with the annual output of over 15 million square meters. Product technology is 6 times coating 6 times drying, the thickness can be 2m-13mm. As the sports flooring manufacturer for the global sporting event such as Olympic Games, World Table Tennis Championships and World Championships, dongxing plastic lead the trend of high-end domestic and foreign market, and enjoy a high reputation in the industry 2. Certificate Dongxing Plastic took the lead in getting the PVC industry certifications of ISO9001 International Quality Management System and ISO14001 International Environmental Management System and became the standing director member of the first National Association of elastic floor. 3. Product strength 1). The product is double fiber glass, to make the product more stable. 2). It is eco-friendly, the raw material is PVC, it is non-poisonous, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal, no volatile matter and renewable resources. 3). It is soft, can absorb more than 53% amount of shock, can protect users’ ankle, meniscus, spinal cord and cerebrum. 4). The friction coefficient between 0.4-0.7, normally 0.57. The reasonable friction can keep the stable of sportive. 5). The resilience of the ball is between 90% - 98%, it has excellent and stable resilience.