PP Portable Flooring for Basketball Court

The lock-type connection creates space for the design. Through strict module control between each floor, a gap of 1mm is guaranteed. Under the premise of ensuring the best traction, the strong horizontal impact caused by the intense sports of the athletes is eliminated. Lower limb injuries caused by force. Self-draining Through the design of dense mesh arrangement, water and sand can be leaked to the bottom of the floor surface without hindrance, and discharged into the sink outside the site through the gap between the feet below. In light rain, there is no need to interrupt the movement. Even in heavy rain, the proper height of the floor from the ground can ensure that the rainwater will be drained quickly. This design is like embodying the never-ending spirit of struggle between mankind and nature, which can make our sports no longer affected by any weather and climate, and can enjoy the fun of sports in raging weather. This has a very practical and special significance for many scheduled sports events and school teaching activities.