Badminton Court Floor Crystal Sand Embossed 1309J

PVC 100% New Materials Badminton Flooring 1. 100% new materials, products can be recycled. No DOP, no heavy metal, zero formaldehyde.Use the antibacterial anti enzyme treatment process, inhibition of enzyme bacterium. 2. Meet the entertainment and performance of different ball games. 3. This is the most popular for badminton court. The most cost-effective and our 5 years warranty will offer you the best purchasing experience. 4. Error range is upper deviation, double glass fiber, double color foam layer, excellent foaming, the good properties keep the goods matched the BWF standard and approved the BWF certificate. 1. Foundation┬ádemand: The ground must be clean,dry and no fissure.The difference quantity is about 2 mm tested by 2m straight scale. They can be paved on wood floor,ceramic tile,marble and any other leveled ground. 2. Construction method: Movable type: Use the specialized tape to join the floors together.The surface crack can be melded by the welding rope of the same color Fixed type: Brush 10 cm glue or specialized tape to fix,with the margin of the floor as the standard,and welded them with the welding rope of the same color. 3. Cleaning and maintenance: The surface of the floor dealing by the special method has some ability to prevent pollution.Clean it with the mop for the surface tidy. If it badly polluted,the neutral cleaner can be used.