Assembled Outdoor and Indoor Badminton Floor

Origin of suspended floor, assembled floor: The floating floor originated in the United States in 1974. As the name suggests, its main features are: "suspend" and "assemble". At first it was used as a building material for leisure places to enter people's lives. Later, with the wide application and love for sports, people hope that this material can also be used in sports places. After the unremitting efforts of experts, continuous improvement in product design and material formulation, the performance of the product can finally meet the requirements of sports. It is widely used in European and American countries. There are more than 100,000 venues in the world that use this floor. It has also been 30 years of cooperation with the NBA. Due to the convenient installation and excellent performance, many NBA players use this floor. In 2002, the assembled floor of the American company entered China as a noble, and it was also laid in many high-end sports venues in China. But its high price is still prohibitive for those who love it. With the continuous improvement of the domestic industrial level, domestic manufacturers have launched production of this kind of flooring. While occupying the market at a lower price, product quality is constantly improving and breaking through.